Thank You

A Big Thank You

To everybody who has contributed to this website and all of those who have sent old pictures, memories or old postcards, if you or any of your friend or relatives can help please contact me? I can add your name below as a thank you and you can be sure I will not sell any original material sent to me. Please remember this website is a non-profit making site for the people of Yorkshire and beyond to enjoy.

So here we go a BIG thank you to:-

Michael of Bailiff Bridge a former T. F. Firth’s worker and resident of the village who sent loads of pictures of the village along with the mill as it was and as it was been pulled down.

To John W who donated some really old photos of Bailiff Bridge.

To Mikel W (the railway nut from Lanc’s) who sent some Railway related photos.

To Alf who sent a postcard of Sugden’s.

To Silvia & Jed from Kent who sent some great old Photos of Brighouse.

To Chris who’s Granddad worked at Blakeborough’s.

To Donald Craig now in his 80s as a young boy was a resident of Bailiff Bridge but now lives in Devon sent a load of memories and pictures.

To The lady who as a child lived in Lightcliffe and now from Cornwall who sent some old postcards and Memories of her Grandparents who use to live in a tied cottage off Wakefield Road.

To The Oriental Fibre Mat Co of Highworth Wilts. Who sent loads of old invoices and delivery notices.

To? This Could Be You.

To ?