Brighouse Swimming Baths & Fitness Centre.

Brighouse Swimming Baths & Fitness Centre.


Brighouse Swimming Baths & Fitness Centre is situated on the (A641) Huddersfield Road/Bradford Road between Wellholme Park and the Brighouse Police Station, the centre has its own car park and boasts its amenities.

At a reported cost exceeding £6 million, while it is an impressive building it would have been a lot more easy to digest if the Council again hadn’t disposed of one of our historical buildings the old swimming pool which was an iconic Victorian looking building built in 1913 and ruined in 2018/9 to one of the worse eyesores in Brighouse? How can the Council and our Councillors get away with turning our historical past beautiful building into a modern day dump?
Ask yourselves how could this ever happen? Then ask your MPs Why? Then change your vote this is the only way we could ever hope to pass some of our past historical inheritance on to our loved ones.


Telephone: 01422 288068

Opening times

Monday: 07:00am – 21:15pm

Tuesday: 07:00am – 21:15pm

Wednesday: 07:00am – 21:15pm

Thursday: 07:00am – 21:15pm

Friday: 07:00am – 21:15pm

Saturday: 08:00am – 18:15pm

Sunday: 09:00am – 18:15pm