Brighouse Market.

Brighouse Market.

Brighouse Market is situated between the canal and Thornton Square and comprises of 5 rows of open frame traditional type market stalls with some fully enclosed stalls  to the canal side of the market, the market has been run for many years by the same company who ran the Prestatyn Market  and was leased from the Calderdale Council, it is thought the leaseholders have been trying to sell the lease for a number of years and unfortunately the market suffered with this unstable situation to a point of closure so the Council finished up running this market again.


Unfortunately the Calderdale Council has not got the best reputation in running markets and ideally they would like to move this market to Thornton Square using build up stalls, WHAT A DISASTER, you don’t have to be Einstein to know what’s wrong with the market and it’s like the council just wants to get rid of this unprofitable market and use the prime site for Parking or Development? They don’t have a clue.


What a Shame can you imagine the Market Town of Brighouse with NO Market? The Calderdale Council have already ruined Hebden Bridge and Elland and now Brighouse is on the cards, all the council seem to care about is money and nothing for the town community they seem set on getting rid of all our assets.

If any of you have visited the market recently it is so depressing and an eyesore, making the cost of the stalls £5 isn’t going to improve the market and the only way to entice the customers back is to totally revamp the market offer special incentives for stall holders, stop limiting what stallholders can sell, as good competition make prices competitive, build new free toilets and free parking for stallholders with two hours free for shoppers. Then and only then it might survive?


For those who can remember Brighouse had at one time had two thriving markets, they moved the main market out to make way for the new bus station which would have been an ideal time to put the market back down Market Street but with the chance of big development to the former bus station and big money they built a development that has been a disaster for many business’s and an eyesore for years, moving the Market to its present site.

We have to stop these crazy Council and Councillors now before its too late, please get on to your councillor now or change your votes to some party who cares about the Towns future.

Due to the New Lock Down Rules We  are now Closed to re-open Wednesday 3rd of December Sorry for any inconvenience Please Stay Safe Brian

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